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How can we help YOU help your PATIENTS?
Medical Professionals Coordinating CareIf you have been tasked with coordinating a patient transport, you know very well the challenges they present. Delays in patient disposition can cost facilities thousands of dollars every day the process is delayed.Let us help you expedite the process.

Our 24 hour dispatchers are ready to help. We can provide you with an estimate in 2 hours or less. If you are unsure if a patient will require a medical escort or an air ambulance, give us a call! Our Medical Director will triage the patient and determine the appropriate level of transportation for the patient.

We take care of all the logistics including ground transport from your facility to the patient’s final destination. We can assist with obtaining the necessary documents when traveling internationally.

Even if your facility is under contract with another air ambulance company, we can assist with the following situations:

  • The patient or family is paying for transportation costs out-of-pocket and an air ambulance is too expensive or not medically necessary.
  • The facility is paying for the cost of the transportation and cost is a factor.
  • Your contracted provider is unable to meet your request for transport.
  • In need of a medical repatriation.

Call us at 888-977-9772 for more information.

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