Global Medical Transport

Do you have a family member who requires medical assistance in order to travel by air?
Do you desire to visit family out of the state or the country but feel that you cannot make the trip without help?

We believe that medical needs should not keep people from traveling.

Trinity Air Medical is a global medical escort company that specializes in the medical transport of patients via commercial airlines.

Traveling with a family member who has medical needs can be a challenge, especially when coupled with airline requirements, TSA restrictions and international logistics. We specialize in this type of travel and it is our goal to minimize the stress that air travel often presents.

Child Patient & Medical Escort Staff We transport persons who have specific medical requirements such as supplemental oxygen, a personal ventilator, feeding tubes/drains, mobility limitations, and even intravenous medication administration. Our clinicians will monitor vital signs throughout the trip and administer prescription, over-the-counter, or rescue medications as medically necessary. We supply all the supportive medical equipment necessary for travel and our equipment is FAA approved for use in-flight.

Aside from being more economical than a private air ambulance transport, commercial flights offer amenities that a private jet cannot; such as unlimited family members, lavatory use, spacious first-class seating with the ability to move around the cabin and food service.

A medical companion is also an option for those who would like to travel in the company of a medical professional on a private or commercial flight but may not need the full accommodations that a medical escort does. Information is available for our clinician supported Medical Companion services.

Do you know?

A large percentage of patients do not require an air ambulance to transport them to their destination.
Air ambulance services charge in the tens-of-thousands of dollars and can easily exceed $100,000. In most cases, medical insurance will not cover the cost.

Click here to learn more about the difference between commercial medical transports vs. an air ambulance service.

The next time you, a family member or a client requires an air medical transport, please contact our experts who can develop a personalized travel plan tailored to your specific needs.

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