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Essential Air Ambulance Transportation Services

At Trinity Air Medical, we know that time is important when saving lives. Medical concerns don’t always wait for traffic to clear or for road conditions to improve. This situation means that air ambulance transport is something that we take very seriously. What Trinity Air provides are Air Ambulance Medical Services on commercial flights. Are you traveling internationally? We’ll provide you with a nurse, a respiratory technician, and/or a paramedic who will to attend to your medical needs in-flight. We’ll make sure that patients are in stable condition prior to departure and throughout the duration of the flight.

We believe in a better way of helping those traveling with medical needs. This is why we give access to high-quality air ambulance services. In special cases we will contract a private jet for emergency transport of extreme conditions. This is sometimes a better alternative for serious medical cases; we will be happy to discuss this option for those who need constant care for vitals during a flight. At Trinity Air Medical we have a full staff on-hand to attend to your medical needs, making each patient we escort experience personalized care from medical experts and professionals who are ready, covering every possibility.

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