Medical Travel Companion

Do you need to travel on business or vacation but require medical assistance to do so?

Do you have an employee who was injured or ill while away on business that requires assistance to fly?

“We believe that no one should be denied the luxury of air travel because of medical restrictions.”

Medical Companion While Traveling Our Medical Travel Companion can accompany your family member or client while on business or vacation. Whether the preference is to fly via commercial airlines or private aircraft, our clinicians will help make your trip as stress free as possible. Our travel coordinator will arrange all air and ground transportation pertinent to the specific needs of the patient or client.

If a private jet is required for travel, we can facilitate those accommodations for you. A private aircraft offers our clients exclusive travel amenities such as direct flights and private, intimate travel.

We also provide the following services to our corporate clients:

  • Medical escorts for corporate executives.
  • On-site, medical stand-by for large corporate events.
  • Medical transportation for employees who have been injured out of state or overseas and need assistance to return home.

Do you have a unique situation or special request? Contact us. We are here to help.

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