Global Medical Transport vs Air AmbulanceToo often patients and their families were referred to expensive and unnecessary private air ambulance companies when air transportation was required. It was heartbreaking to see families spend tens of thousands on unnecessary services. Collectively we thought, there has to be a better way.

We believe that medical transportation should not cost in the tens-of-thousands of dollars.

How do you know if you, your family member or client qualify for commercial travel with a medical clinician?

The best way to determine if a commercial medical escort is best is to give us a call and let our Medical Director triage your case. The Medical Director can work with your private physician to gather all the medical information necessary to make that decision. If we cannot appropriately transport you with the services that we provide, we are happy to assist you in finding an alternative provider.

What are the cost savings by flying commercial airlines with a medical clinician?
If it is appropriate for the patient to fly via commercial airlines, the cost is significantly less than a medically configured private aircraft and a critical care team. We provide all the required medical equipment for the flight and our equipment is FAA approved.

Air ambulance services cost in the tens-of-thousands of dollars and can even exceed $150,000. More often than not, insurance companies will not cover the cost. However, for the 70% or greater who can travel via commercial airlines with a medical escort, this is a better way.

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