What Does An Air Medical Escort Service Provider Do?

Air medical escort services are essential when patients require medical assistance to travel. Trinity Air Medical works in conjunction with hospitals, case managers, social workers, assisted living facilities and private parties to transport patients from bedside to bedside, anywhere in the world. We can transport in as little as 24 hours’ notice after our Medical Director triages the patient’s case. We take care of all the logistics specific to the patient’s individual needs.

All of our clinicians are hired and trained in-house. We utilize only Registered Nurses, Respiratory Therapists, and Paramedics to provide a higher level of care to our patients. We assist those with medical requirements such as supplemental oxygen, personal ventilators, feeding tubes, mobility limitations, and even intravenous medication administration. Our clinicians will monitor vital signs throughout the trip and can administer all medications that are necessary.

Our Medical Escort service is a low-cost alternative to private air ambulance services.

When traveling with our Medical Escorts you can be assured that you or your family members are receiving professional, high-quality care. Contact Trinity Air Medical today.

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