A Trusted Partner for Transplant Centers Tasked with Coordinating Transportation and Logistics

August 1, 2023

Posted by Trinity Medical Solutions

As the field of organ donation and transplantation evolves, so do our service offerings as one of the nation’s leading organ transportation and logistics providers.

In the first half of 2023, the Trinity Medical Solutions team rose to the challenge of serving eight transplant centers across the Northeast that experienced sudden changes to their organ donation and transplantation process.

For the first time, these affected transplant centers found themselves responsible for fielding organ offer calls and coordinating transportation logistics for their surgeons and incoming organs for transplant. While the transplant centers hired coordinators to manage the organ offers, they still faced challenges associated with organizing the complex mission logistics necessary to send a team to a donor hospital and return in a safe and timely manner with an organ for transplant.

The next step for these organizations was hiring Trinity to facilitate organ and team movements so that the transplant centers could stay focused on their primary goal – saving lives.

Adapting Together

In this case, the eight transplant centers newly tasked with coordinating transportation and logistics had a hand in the overall success of the way forward.

The transplant centers partnered together in addition to partnering with Trinity. With eight new customers in the Northeast signing on at once, Trinity experienced a significant uptick in missions originating from the area, enabling the team to increase available air and ground resources to better serve its new partners across the region.

“The higher the mission volume, the more aircraft and ground vehicles we can put in these locations,” says Andrew Marreel, business development director at Trinity.

Trinity expanded its fleet by two aircraft, positioned to ensure teams can respond swiftly to organ offers and return with optimal time for transplant. The transplant center partnership also provided savings, as multiple transplant centers now share the cost of aircraft availability.

“In this sense, it’s a win-win for everybody,” says Marreel. “Everyone is in it together to get the best resources for every person in these transplant center programs.”

Delivering Results

In the three months since partnering to create a new regional transportation and logistics hub managed by Trinity, these transplant centers have saved more lives and pushed the boundaries of what was thought possible geographically.

One donor heart’s journey, a total of 2,506 nautical miles, set a record for the longest distance a heart has traveled for transplant surgery, according to Trinity’s industry partner that created the preservation device in which the heart was transported. Learn more about this historic heart transplant mission.

If you are a transplant center tasked with coordinating end-to-end organ and team transportation logistics, Trinity is here to help. Call us today at 888.977.9772 to learn how we can serve your teams and patients.



Post: A Trusted Partner for Transplant Centers Tasked with Coordinating Transportation and Logistics